March 02, 2021 at 1:55pm | Michael Hunter
When it comes to buying a house, there's many types you can choose from. To generalize them, you can choose a home that's been established for quite some time now or a brand new, freshly built home.

New Construction:
  • You can get creative with the builder and discuss the floor plans and personalize it to be what you want.
  • All the appliances are new and are more energy efficient. Also, better insulation and windows! 
  • New appliances = smart technology. Allows you to automate internet cable, speakers and alarm systems. New homes also use low- and zero- volatile organic compound  paints and materials. 
  • Less maintenance because of it being new!
  • AMMENITIES!!!! With new houses in new developments, it is more likely to bring community spaces (parks, pools, etc.). It will also make you closer to schools and transits. 
Existing Homes:
  • More likely to spend more on maintenance because it is older. This may include the floors, electrical setup, water damage, outdated appliances and possibly more. 
  • No choice in how your floorplan is unless you basically renovate the whole house. 
  • Lower price for the house, lower property tax, and more property!
  • They are more often then not built closer to town centers.
  • Some of the older homes are usually not in a high demand because everyone wants what's brand new, so the availability is higher! 
  • Increasing property value is a lot easier because it is older and updating it brings a major increase oppose to someone else updating a not-so-old house. 


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