February 24, 2021 at 9:21am | Michael Hunter
An open house is  a scheduled period of time in which a house is open for viewing by potential buyer. It can attract interested buyers and lead to an offer, or alert the realtor of issues with the space. They can entail a huge amount of effort in organizing.

  • Low Probability of Sale- A very small percentage of home sales occur because of open houses, private viewing are more likely to bring a sale in. Most serious buyers schedule a private viewing, but open houses can bring in potential buyers, in which they can schedule a private, in-depth viewing or put an offer in immediately. 
  • Security Concerns-  Of course sellers will be concerned about the well-being of their house when there's an open house, and some safety concerns may arise. But having a good agent there will bring a better piece at mind for the sellers.
  • Nosy Looky Lo's- Open houses bring some nosy neighbors and people that aren't serious about buying a house. These people just want to look and be nosy, but they don't have bad intentions or bring any harm.
  • Excessive Stress-  Some buyer's can be picky, so if nothing happens for the first open house, it can be very stressful for the seller to have to constantly have open houses. 
  • Open to All- Open houses accommodate more than just perspective buyers. Brokers who might want to team up on sale and offer advice on ways to assist a home sale faster. You are selling your house to three people: Brokers, Buyers, and Banks. 
  • Additional Exposure- Ensuring client's home is getting enough exposure, open houses give extra exposure through promotional advertising(newspaper ads, internet ads, etc.).
  • Actual Browsing- The internet is a fast way to find a home, but nothing beats walking the actual property and seeing it first-hand. Clients can imagine how they will have the lay-out of the house and picture living in it. 
  • Convenience- Open houses are a place for potential buyers to stop by from seeing the signs. Open houses encourage just about anyone who doesn't know about buying a home into acquiring one. 
Open houses may not always bring in a sale, but with us they do!



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