February 17, 2021 at 9:58am | Michael Hunter
When it comes to moving, it may be hard to know and figure out where to start. Here's some tips on how to get moving!
  1. Moving Companies
    • Get 3 different quotes from moving companies to ensure you get the price best for the best quality!
    • Make sure you see proof that they are licensed and insured just incase anything unexpected happens!
  2. Free Moving Boxes
    • You can call any local recycling places, grocery stores, or liquor stores and ask them if you can come pick up some boxes they are throwing away. Saves you money, them the hassle of breaking the down and throwing away, and you are reusing them!
  3. Donation Pick-Up
    • If you are doing a big deep clean of everything for moving, this may be a time saver! If you are getting rid of any furniture, have a big load of clothes or any household items, you local thrift shops and charity's may have a program where they come to you and pick it up! Make sure to get in contact with them and see if that's a choice!
  4. Save Donation Receipts
    • You can save your receipts and use them during tax season to be able to claim a deduction in income.
  5. Mid Week/ Mid Month Moving
    • Pick a day in the middle of the week for cheaper rates. Weekends are a high demand and are more expensive.
    • Mid month moving is also cheaper!
  6. Moving Day Essentials Box
    • Make a box of all the daily necessities you need (toiletries, chargers, medicines, etc.). That way it isn't accidentally packed somewhere else and you need to search every single box for it or have to wait for the movers.
  7. Take Pictures
    • Photograph all of your fragile/valued items before packing and moving them. This is incase anything gets damaged, the pictures may be needed for a claim. 
  8. Color Code
    • Use different colored boxes, markers, or anything to organize your boxes. This ensures that when you bring the boxes in from the van, it's easier and quicker to place them in the correct rooms based off the color than spending the time reading all the boxes. 
  9. Heavy Items in Smaller Boxes
    • This will limit the amount of stuff going into a box that already contains a heavy item, and makes the it easier to carry!
  10. Fragile Items with Pillows and Blankets
    • This is killing two birds with one stone: using the items you already own to protect your fragile items. Saves you money so you don't buy foam or bubble wrap and you're using one box for two things.
  11. Double-Check
    • It is always best to doublecheck, especially when using movers. Doublecheck every cabinet, closet, dresser, room, etc. before completely moving, just to make sure you aren't leaving anything!
  12. Rekey New House ASAP
    • Rekey your new house as soon as you can. You never know who the old owners gave a key to (family, friends, neighbors, cleaners, etc.). Just a safety precaution. 
  13. Flatten Boxes and Store
    • Flatten all the boxes used and store them away for any future moves!


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