February 01, 2021 at 10:26am | Michael Hunter
Do you have animals and have a hard time finding somewhere to rent? You're not the only one.
Most renters prefer an animal-free living facility, even if they love animals. Here's why!

Though animals are great to have around, they can cause a lot of damage. They can chew on the carpet, scratch the floors, walls and doors, and might have accidents which can ruin the flooring and can caused a bad odor throughout the building. 
Animals can be quiet, but not all of them. If you have a dog, then you know they bark at just about anything for the most part. The barking can happen at any time (even during the night) and can cause disruption to neighbors. Another disruption animals can cause to neighbors is when they are playing in the apartment, whether it is with toys are running. Some apartments have thin walls and floors that don't hide any noise. If the dog is running and jumping, has a squeaky toy, or has a ball that keeps dropping/bouncing, a neighbor will be sure to complain.
Some dogs can be the absolute sweetest and wouldn't harm anything. But some can be quite aggressive or protective of their owner. Dogs can be a liability incase of them harming another renter, a guest, or another animal.
Cause of Lost of Tenants.
Animals are just not for everyone, especially those that are allergic to them. If another tenant is allergic to an animal that is in the building, they are most likely to leave. Even if they aren't on the same floor and don't come in direct contact with them, there is still a huge possibility of having an allergic reaction from just being in a close range of the animals.

Special cases for animals may apply, for instance, a service dog. Renters are not allowed to turn away a tenant if they have a service dog. The federal Fair Housing Act requires renters to make reasonable accommodations for those with disabilities and service dogs - plus service dogs are well trained and will most likely do no damage. 

So yes, animals are cute and great to have around, but they aren't always the best ideas for everyone else. Don't be offended when a renter doesn't allow animals, it's nothing personal!


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