September 05, 2019 at 11:22am | Michael Hunter
Welcome back to school to all the kids out there! For the parents, welcome back to the struggle! Weekdays can become especially busy this time of year; sports, school, clubs, work, etc.. Sometimes, we just don't have the strength to make dinner! So check out these quick and easy options that will help your nights go smoothly!

1. Hamburger Helper 

One of the easiest boxed meals ever! Only milk, water, and meat of your choice required! The rest is in the box! Switch it up by using ground chicken or turkey instead of beef. Or check out other versions like boxed stroganoff!

2. Salad

One of the easiest meals known to man, salad! Vegetarian? Opt for beans as your protein! The best part is you can choose how much work you want to do. Buy a head of lettuce or a bag, cook a chicken breast or buy precooked chicken, dice tomatoes or buy pre-sliced fruits and veggies...up to you!

3. Frozen Pizza 

The king of the easy meals! Preheat oven, bake, ding! Done! What can be easier?

4. Frozen Fish 

Cousin of the frozen pizza, meet fish sticks! A kid's favorite! Don't worry, you don't have to get sticks. Filets are available as well! Not a fish person? Try frozen shrimp or other seafood! From the deep seas of your freezer to your oven!

5. Casserole

Ah, nothing is quite as satisfying as a meal you make by throwing different food in a dish! And you make enough to feed at least 4! There are so many casserole  recipes out there with all different difficulty levels; you can choose whether you buy ingredients ready to use or prepare them yourself. Whether you cook your meat or use some you bought from the supermarket, casseroles are always a hit!

There are so many ways to simplify meals...Upside down day, breakfast for dinners! How about every one makes there own sub? Taco Tuesday? Find easy 30 minute or less recipes or 3 ingredient recipes online! I recommend downloading the Tasty app and checking out a few of their easy recipes with step by step video instruction!

Happy cooking!



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