August 1, 2018 | Michael Hunter
The Pennsylvania Dutch Farmer’s Market, known locally as the "Amish Market", is located in the 290,000 sq ft. Annapolis Harbour Center in historic Annapolis, MD. However, all of the Amish merchants are from Lancaster PA, the heart of PA Dutch Country.

Most of the market’s products are made in Lancaster County using traditional PA Dutch recipes that have been handed by the Amish though the generations. You will be able to shop a large quality selection of foods including fresh produce, a variety of salads, a candy store, homemade snacks, desserts, cheeses, chemical free meats, barbecued and fried chicken, foods in bulk and even an ice cream stand featuring Hershey’s Ice Cream. Order small portions to eat right away or order large portions to take home.

Our own famous Dutch Market Restaurant features a full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, prepared by Amish cooks, using traditional PA Dutch recipes enriching you with a warm and hearty "homemade" meal.

In addition to the great food selections, Millwood Furniture store has a full selection of beautiful handmade solid hardwood furniture for every room of your home.

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